Derive’ (Walking Project)

Situationist Inspired Foto Project

The sudden change of ambiance in a street within the space of a few meters; the evident division of a city into zones of distinct psychic atmospheres; the path of least resistance that is automatically followed in aimless strolls (and which has no relation to the physical contour of the terrain); the appealing or repelling character of certain places — these phenomena all seem to be neglected. In any case they are never envisaged as depending on causes that can be uncovered by careful analysis and turned to account.

— Guy Debord (Situationist Intl.)

2 responses to “Derive’ (Walking Project)

  1. Printed on platinum?

  2. No these are Lith Prints. Theyre printed on Kentmere Fineprint VC Warmtone paper, which unfortunately for me is no longer available.

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