Legal Defense Fund

On February 4th 2010, I was photographing 2 graffiti artists painting a mural in Los Angeles as part of the Artist portrait series. This body of work involves documenting artists both in their lives and in the process of their artwork. I was arrested and initially charged with Felony Vandalism. My cameras, my tools with which I earn a living were taken as evidence. My charges were later lowered to a Misdemeanor and the changed to “Aiding and Abetting” which carries the same sentence as the crime of Vandalism/Graffiti.

I have gone through the several stages of this case and my next step is the Jury Trial which takes place on May 11th. If I lose my case I can face up to a Year in Jail and have my license suspended.

I’ve recently started a legal defense fund to try to cover the costs to hire a private attorney and related legal expenses.

DONATE HERE or send a Paypal payment to

3 responses to “Legal Defense Fund

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  2. I saw a note that the charges are dropped. Great news.

    Quick question: what do you plan to do about prior donations (including mine)?

    Speaking for just me, I’m OK with a contribution to any charity, even after taking out for expenses. I’d not be OK with converting to personal use.

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