Jonas Lara is a Los Angeles based poet that paints paragraphs using photographs. His perspective of light, shape, space and gesture inherently reflects regard for what one might often ignore. Jonas abstracts inspiration from the braid between architecture, transportation systems and the souls that sustain a metropolis. His work is a ravel of experience, memories, melodies and histories composed with the illusion of cinema. Each image cocoons the performances staged by the city. Together they excavate layers of dystopia exposing hints of Ou topos.

Brooke Reidt

The name JUNK FOTO is not to imply “trash, garbage or unwanted”. Rather it is a play of my name Jonas, when I was younger my nickname was “Junkas” it was meant as a joke / insult and it stuck and was shortened to Junk.  I now use it when identifying certain bodies of work that are more experimental in nature. I sign all artworks under this alias.


3 responses to “About

  1. leor levine

    the artist portrait series is interesting and unusual.
    i like your approach and would like to see you improve the tonal representations closer to that of your architectural photography.

  2. Your work is beautiful and inspiring.

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