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Legal Defense Fund Update

I have worked something out with my attorneys (The Kavinoky Law Firm) and have made arrangements for my remaining debt. They have been very helpful and generous throughout this process and I’m grateful that I was referred to them.

Any remaining balance in the Defense Fund will be used to pay for my Bail Bond (Aladdin) and the Restitution Payment to the courts.

I am now closing the donation link, to everyone who helped , an enormous thank you !


Legal Status Update

On May 11th I had my day in court. I was able to raise enough money to cover the retainer and hire the Kavinoky Law Firm. After being offered several “deals” including 1 month in jail + 3 months community service, Pleading Guilty to Trespassing in exchange for 12 months Probation, and several other offers, my attorney and I refused and kept insisting on a jury trial. However, the case never went to trial and we were able to get all charges dropped in exchange for an infraction and a $200 restitution payment. It came down to a choice of going to trial and all the stress that goes along with that or paying $200 and making this entire situation go away immediately. I went with the $200.

Here is the article on it.

I want to thank everyone who helped guide me, donated, helped spread the word or otherwise provided support during this hard time. If I would have stayed with my incompetent court appointed attorney I would probably be sitting in jail today. All donations received have gone to cover the costs of the initial retainer and any future donations will help pay for my remaining dues to the Kavinoky Law Firm. If I reach a point where I pay off my balance I will use any remaining money towards the balance of my $2000 Bail owed to Aladdin Bail Bonds as well as the $200 restitution payment to the courts. If I reach a point where I pay off all my legal debts I will disable the Legal Defense Fund Link.

Legal Defense Fund

On February 4th 2010, I was photographing 2 graffiti artists painting a mural in Los Angeles as part of the Artist portrait series. This body of work involves documenting artists both in their lives and in the process of their artwork. I was arrested and initially charged with Felony Vandalism. My cameras, my tools with which I earn a living were taken as evidence. My charges were later lowered to a Misdemeanor and the changed to “Aiding and Abetting” which carries the same sentence as the crime of Vandalism/Graffiti.

I have gone through the several stages of this case and my next step is the Jury Trial which takes place on May 11th. If I lose my case I can face up to a Year in Jail and have my license suspended.

I’ve recently started a legal defense fund to try to cover the costs to hire a private attorney and related legal expenses.

DONATE HERE or send a Paypal payment to